July 2019


We are all a bit lethargic during these hot, lazy summer days. We have family and friends visiting and have plans for vacations and traveling. But we must not become complacent about the direction some want to take our country! We must remain diligent
even though it is summer. Do we want Joe Cunningham to have a second term? After 40 years, we let this district slip into the wrong hands. Joe Cunningham was recently in Summerville and at this meeting a liberal woman from Colorado said that lawmakers should FORCE insurance providers to cover birth control for all. Cunningham supported this position in Congress. Must we pay for abortions?? Just to let you know how liberal he votes right alongside Maxine Waters and AOC. Soon your GLRC Board will be sending you a letter to consider sending to Representative Cunningham. Please do your part and stand with your club.

The Republican Party in District One has several people running in our primary. They are – Kathy Landing, Mt. Pleasant, Town Council and Financial Planner; Mike Covert, Bluffton; Logan Cunningham, Bluffton, School Teacher; and Nancy Mace, State
Representative. More may decide to file, but so far these are our candidates.

In July our club will host Lt. Governor Pamela Evette as our speaker. I have also invited Mr. Gene D’Agostino to say a few words about The Charleston Meeting. This is a wonderful conservative organization reactivated through Mr. D’Agostino’s
patriotic efforts.

And finally, thank you all for supporting the GLRC’s Summer Fund Raiser.

See you all the 23rd of July

Mary Jo Daugherty