March 26th Speaker is Peter McCoy

Representative Peter M. McCoy, Jr. photo

South Carolina State Representative from District 115 and Chairman of the House Judicial Committee

Message from the President – February 2019

Thank you for giving me the chance to be head of our GLRC; it truly is our GLRC.  After elections, the Board got together and did some brainstorming. We decided on these goals. Together as a club, I know we can achieve them.
1: Increase Membership – We felt this could be achieved by inviting people to our meetings, having good speakers and knowing who they are well in advance.
2: A Well Run Meeting.
3: Raise Money – Fund Raising Chair Dorothy Farfone will have more information.
4: Publicity.
5: A Friendlier Club – This is up to all of us!
6: Interact with other clubs.
7: Legislation & Campaigns.
8: A More Diverse Membership – We must be diligent about including younger people and men for the survival of this club.
9: Simplify the Newsletter.
I believe we can achieve these goals with your help. One of our goals has been attained with our move downtown to The Harbour Club.  Margaret Bobo, June Lowe & Celia Hansult worked long and hard to find us a new venue. Be sure to thank them. Well done ladies!!
Please join us at The Harbor Club, Tuesday, February 26th. You will certainly enjoy the club, our speaker, the food, old friends and new members. SEE YOU THERE!!! Mary Jo Daugherty